Unspecified Error Unable To Read Negative Images


I don’t intend to spoonfeed anyone but there are some things to consider, as is known already the final false-alarmrate is also dependent on the number of stages. I want to generate the xml file with 170 positive images and 100 negative images. I have verified my info.txt file but I dont understand why this command does not work. The description file of positive images can be created using the object marker program The code of objectmarker is given below: /***************objectmarker.cpp******************Objectmarker for marking the objects to be detected  from positive

Let me explain, I had created the .vec file with positives images, and when I use the opencv_haartraining the I have some error, the same that you report but even if I have already created the input/source vector of the positive images and used the createsamples function to make sure all of the images loaded. Total number of splits: 0 Tree Classifier Stage +—+—+—+—+—+—+—+—+—+—+—+—+—+—+—+—+ | 0| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| 9| 10| 11| 12| 13| 14| 15| +—+—+—+—+—+—+—+—+—+—+—+—+—+—+—+—+ 0—1—2—3—4—5—6—7—8—9–10–11–12–13–14–15 OpenCV Error: Unspecified Thanks in advance Reply ramiz says: October 14, 2011 at 3:13 pm when i run above code it shows command prompt and then suddenly closes can you tell me what the %livelink1%

Invalid Background Description File

Related Categories createsamples, ffmpeg, haar, haar cascade, haar classifier, object detection, object marker, OPENCV Post navigation Previous OBJECT DETECTION IN OPENCV USINGHAARTRAININGNext Create Your Own Haar Classifier for Detecting objects inOpenCV With versions 1.1 and 2.0 it’s impossible to get “scale: 4” line in response to “createsamples -info positive_desc.txt -vec samples.vec -w 20 -h 20” because of source code:
if( If I want to merge samples.dat and samples.vec i am getting always an error:Error while loading shared libraries: libcvaux file is too shortPlease helpThanks March 18, 2013 at 4:49 AM Dileep or negative or Positive + negetive samples?

Dileep, First of all thanks for posting this tutorial. I have 2400 original samples and I create 2 samples per original sample using opencv_createsample utility. Please try again for the samples folder (perl program), with the executable from the updated link of executables, now. But, I think, you can build several stages and check the result.

The training need at least 5000 images but Ideal is 5000-7000 and I will first try it on 329 and may produce more images from those images.Negative Images:Background images which does Opencv_createsamples Tutorial I moved there all neccessary files: opencv_haartraining.exe, delnas.vec, duomenys.txt… After I run the command: C:\Nuotraukos>C:\OpenCV2.2\bin\opencv_haartraining.exe -data C:\Nuotraukos -vec delnas.vec -bg duomenys.txt -npos 519 nneg 1081 -nstages 20 -mem 1500 -mode ALL Reply Rahul said on 07-04-2011 Hey We’re getting an error in the training phase of the haar training. %livelink2% This is the least sized object that I could find in a given scene.

Reply abhilasha says: March 21, 2012 at 9:53 am Mr. I read that the variance normalization is suggested by Viola and Jones as a mean of reducing that effect of different lighting conditions. For my project i have to create xml file for hand detection. So quality of recognition depends on these size significantly.

Opencv_createsamples Tutorial

Reply Shweta said on 19-09-2010 Hi, I am new to OpenCV and trying to detect facial features like smile / anger. %livelink3% If you choose small size, it can be impossible to recognize object by small picture. Invalid Background Description File I want to become a living god! Haartraining Of course, any valid cascade meets these conditions.

As sample cascades provided by opencv are in “old” format, I believe it’s better to use haartraining with cvHaarDetectObjects or cv::HaarClassifierCascade::detectMultiScale (its OOP form) if you needn’t new features of “new” January 16, 2013 at 1:51 PM vikas60vasani said… Now my questions is as follows: When we rotate there is a clear rectangle border present for each positive sample, will this effect the training? click here to visit This blog is no longer updated. Opencv Create Samples

I have  positive images, how create vec file of positive samples? Update (16 March, 2012): On the request of people I am sharing the haar classifier file for Pen detection. Also, make sure you are giving the folder name correct “samples”. When I generates good size samples like 96×96 then opencv_traincascades crashes with a bad_alloc error 🙁 Can anyone tell me what I should try ?Thank you for any help.ReplyDeleteAlex P.December 29,

Here’s the link for it. The next step is the creation of description files for both positive and negative images.The description file is just a text file, with each line corresponding to each image.The fields in If you set big number of stages, then you will achieve better false alarm, but it will take more time for generating cascade.

perl createtrainsamples.pl positives.dat negatives.dat samples 250 “./opencv_createsamples -bgcolor 0 -bgthresh 0 -maxxangle 1.1 -maxyangle 1.1 maxzangle 0.5 -maxidev 40 -w 160 -h 20″2.

Hi Dileep,i m trying to create unified training data. http://answers.opencv.org/question/27653/unspecified-error-in-persistencecpp-during/ .thanks February 5, 2014 at 11:04 PM Dileep Kumar said… Why my computers have stopped run code? hi Dileep, i still got same error as i new to linux ios so not much know about its commands .i paste here the command line o/p’s please help me on

I have tried different values for -numPos and -numNeg and it seems to affect how far the training gets, but it never seems finish.RossDeleteRoss EngersAugust 30, 2012 at 3:40 AMHi again,Just At least, performance.exe prints out small help with set of available parameters. Coding Guru 866 görüntüleme 4:58 OpenCV Tutorial: Multiple Object Tracking in Real Time (1/3) – Süre: 16:56. Can u tell me the working of OCR i have to implement it using opencv libraries but dont know from where to start ..

I tried your trick, making the same numbers of positive and negative images, but no luck. The following code grabs frames from webcam and uses the classifer to detect the object. /******************detect.c*************************//*opencv implementation of object detection using haar classifier.author: [email protected]*/#include #include “cv.h”#include “highgui.h”CvHaarClassifierCascade *cascade;CvMemStorage            *storage;void ReferencesOpenCV haartraining tutorial.HaarTraining doc.Modified HaarTraining doc.OpenCV Haartraining: Detect objects using Haar-like features.Linux-UNIX. I’ve come to believe that OpenCV was originally written by a couple of uber programmers and then left to be wrecked by drunken monkeys.

From Interview: find number in array Could aliens colonize Earth without realizing humans are people too? Abhi,It’s pretty clear that there is no “samples” folder at all in the directory.In the first step, where I suggested to create three folders, did you create “samples” – as one Reply Andreas said on 30-03-2010 Hi, I’m just wondering if somebody else also encounters endless loops in haar training (OpenCV 1.0 and 2.0 on 64bit Linux). Hey Dileep,I have installed OpenCV 2.4.1 from the following link.